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Retreat!!!!  Oh what a luxurious location and splendid time.

Retreat!!!! Oh what a luxurious location and splendid time.

We were nestled in the heart of the Wine Country for our week long retreat.  With beautiful views and a relaxed environment, it was ripe for learning, idea exchange, camaraderie, and best of all great food and conversation...oh yes and the massages!  From the depths of our souls, we thank the lovely ladies at PAXbaby for all of the hard work and energy to get this retreat going!  Wish you had been with us?  Join us next year!

Winter Blizzard GROWS in Northampton!

I took the chance to risk the ravages of winter and drove to Northampton to train the lovely group that Grow hosted.  I am very glad I did.  What a great group and town!  Northampton is a college town and the NY'er in me was unwilling to believe that cars really stopped for pedestrians to cross the street... but they do in Northampton, MA!  Simply amazing to me, that's a true first.  This town has a lot of great personality including great food and even better coffee (you know that is very important to me)!

Grow collage.jpg


We had a wonderful time together and were lucky to have group with such diverse backgrounds.  We had a weaver from Vermont, several nurses, a placenta encapsulator,  volunteers, and a few retailers.  Many great women with so much to share, well a few kids who stole the limelight and warmed our hearts too. 

The classroom space at Grow is so beautiful, I encourage you to visit if you are near.  So much natural light, plenty of space, and great teachers plus it's in a really neat building.  They have a very nice retail store that you are welcome to peruse too.  I am sure you could find something to tempt you.  You can pretty much do all your shopping and eating in the building and walk to the covered parking and never trek in the snow.  I call that brilliant really.  I ended up staying one night longer than planned since old man blizzard blew into town.  I can't complain, the town is charming.  I look forward to seeing it again when there is green everywhere instead of white.

Up high on a tightrope for all to see, yep that's NYC

As most people know by now I am a very happy New Yorker...and I love to introduce the city to my friends.  I get the chance pretty often as you may imagine.

Here we are perched up on one of the highest floors in a bustling yet small midtown hotel.  True to small space form we used every inch of that room to stash dolls and carriers.  It made me feel at home at least. ;-) 

We went out to do some discussion in the big apple and see if we could grab a decent meal.  So we threw a stone and happened to hit a very tasty Thai restaurant that I happen to adore (but had almost forgotten).  We walked long and hard around the corner and scrunched into the best seat in the house...the window seat of course.  Good food and even better discussion helped to break the monotony of those city views that are usually reserved for the birds.  I dare say I had to compete with the sunset a little each day.

ny halifax .jpg

We had many thoughtful discussions and some wonderful triumphs.  I can truly say I had a blast with Eric, Jolyn, and Tamara.  Thanks guys!

It's the Love Shack, Baby!

We are super excited to be going to Atlanta, Georgia! 


Please join us in giving a special thanks to Teresa Howard for generously sponsoring this training!  Teresa's company, A Labor of Love Doula & Childbirth Services offers the local community such amazing services: Childbirth Education, Doula Service, Lactation Education and Consultations, Bellycasting and soon...babywearing services.  We are proud to be join together to do this training.

The training will be hosted at: 2100 Riverside Pkway, Suite 119B, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

January 9-11, 2014  9:00a - 6:30p daily

Sign up deadline: December 20th, 2013

Installment plans available!

For local information please email:

or call: 770-241-2078

Miami style; rainbows, trees, and training

I made it to the last leg of the trip.  The Miami conversation started in March with the charming Amber of Rainbow Slings and then the Gathering Place offered to sponsor the training.  It was great to finally put faces to the voices! 

The palm trees were such a treat and even though it was dark I thought it was very pretty, so very south Florida.  I got the room all ready and even the boys, Willie and Henrick, were waiting for the training to begin. :-)

Miami 2.jpg

The training was a blast, and the Gathering Place had a lot going on as well, so we really had to keep on our toes.  We moved around the space some and got to explore the whole house.  We had a good group for the training, very diverse, really adding to our overall learning experience.  I feel like we all made some great connections.

Miami 1.jpg

No trip is complete without some local eats, we stopped at a few that were pretty good.  A local cafe and a dive...can't beat that! Lucky me, I had great company!

An extra picture of the palm trees, because well...they are so pretty.

This I just have to share: On my way to the grocery store I saw a tree that had grown into a fence and then was cut away.  No one untangled the tree from the fence you see.  It makes for an odd site and made me pause to wonder how it got that way!  The entire rest of the tree was gone and this is what is left to prove to the world it was there.

Miami 3.jpg

The Columbus Whirlwind

We arrived late in Columbus and were up even later getting settled, then we started very early in the morning!  That is the way retail owners have to play ya know.  They have to cram as much into their day as possible, so that is what we did!   We had breakfast, lunch and dinner together each day and that was as much fun as the training. ;-)

columbus 1..jpg

I didn't see as much of Columbus as I might have wanted too...but where we were was really picturesque.  The SpoutSoup space is really neat and I am glad we had the chance to all share some time together.

Super fast stop in Troy, Ohio

First impression of Troy, Ohio....I want to come back and spend an entire weekend here. I missed the local bakery by just a few minutes and it is suppose to be great.  I would really like to explore the town center and revisit the cool baby shop too!  I highly recommend you visit Allison and her shop samozrejme if you are ever in town.

Allison stop1.jpg

Allison's kids were so great.  While I was waiting on their mom to finish packing they showed me around, hung out with me, and even showed me a few games to share with my kids! 

The baby giraffe's name is now 'Cuddles'...I fell in love with him at the shop and some how managed to add him to the suitcases!  He was a gift for my kids and was officially made in Ohio. :-)  

Next stop is COLUMBUS!

Chicago Bound!

After many up and down's we have a great location for our Chicago area training. 

Giving a very special shout-out to Beth of CatBird Baby for her good ole-fashion sleuthing! 

Bayridge was so much fun!

In all my years in NYC it is hard to believe I have never visited Bayridge.  It is a fantastic neighborhood, so many great shops and eateries. 

Brooklyn's newest baby store!

There will be a new baby soon in Brooklyn...a retail store I mean. Baby/Mama will be in Bayridge and will cater to the needs of expecting and new parents.

Babywearing Certification Training in Germany

Here is a snapshot of the first part of my training. I am so lucky to be in this beautiful place again! Haus Hoheneichen, truly one of the most peaceful places I have ever been.