CBWS is working on a series of baby carrier blogs and posts, and we need your help! We would like to feature a variety of babywearing caregivers in real life situations. Below are a list of specific needs we are hoping to fill, but if you've got a great image you'd like to share with us, we'd love to keep it on hand!

You can submit your photos by uploading them to our Dropbox here. By uploading your photo into this dropbox, you agree to our public use of the photo within our blog series and via social media.

List of pictures we need :) 


-A babywearing caregiver with a toddler playing on floor in background, or playing with a toddler while wearing

-Caregiver playing with toddler while younger baby is in the carrier

-Caregiver babywearing at a party

-Caregiver babywearing and utilizing public transportation

-Caregiver walking up the stairs while babywearing in a public location (ie:leaving the subway station)

-Caregiver babywearing while eating a meal

-Caregiver babywearing while pushing stroller with shopping bags or other belongings. 

-Caregiver walking with baby in carrier up stairs and easily carrying a stroller too

-Caregiver displaying being "hands free" on baby

-Caregiver active and outdoors with baby in a carrier

-Caregiver wearing a content baby in awake state

-Baby sleeping in a carrier

-Caregiver kissing baby in a baby carrier

-Caregiver and baby looking at each other

-Caregiver interacting with someone else or looking elsewhere, baby looking at caregiver

-Baby and caregiver in Kangaroo Care

-Caregiver and worn baby looking at same thing/exploring same object