Kiddos? Will age 5,  Sam age 2, Third boy due in September 

Where do you live? Birmingham, AL

How or why did you get into Babywearing? I got into babywearing for two reasons. First is because we were having our second son and being hands free really helps. The second reason was for bonding. My wife has been very fortunate to be able to breastfeed both our sons and through it she is able to have a bond with our sons that I am not able to have. Babywearing and being on a hands on dad helps me create a similar bond with our boys. 

What is the best thing about working in the Babywearing industry?  I love the support of this industry. I don't believe there is another industry with this kind of support. 

If you could only own one carrier which one would you choose? A mei tai with a ring waist. 

What are you jamming to these days?  Honestly, I don't listen to music much I prefer books on tape.  

What's your favorite quote/mantra/inspiration? My inspiration is taking care of my family. Finding what helps us/them grow and flourish. Wanting to find what nurtures their best and mine keeps me growing personally both personally and professionally. And inspires to to encourage the same in others. 

What's next for you? Currently, I'm working on growing It Takes a Village Babywearing Consulting. I'm wanting to get more males babywearing and to show them that it's not just for females. 

Anything else you want everyone know about you:  Anything I do, I do because I love it. I love the bond babywearing creates between the wearer and the wearee as well as how wearing creates a village for so many and gives them that community where, for many, it didn't exist before. I want everyone to have the chance to experience what that is like.  

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