Kid(dos) (age and name?) Daughter Baylor- 3.5 yrs    Son Miles- 1.5 yrs

Where do you live? Dallas, Tx

How or why did you get into Babywearing?  Acknowledging the extreme bonding experience my wife was developing  through breastfeeding as a new dad I knew I had to find a way to bond with my kids while they were in that early stage of life. Babywearing seemed a natural option to create that experience for myself. I would have never fathomed that almost 4 years later I would be an educator crusading for paternal Babywearing neutrality.  

What is the best thing about working in the Babywearing industry? Watching the families I work with not only enjoy Babywearing but seamlessly make it a part of their parenting style.

If you could only own one carrier which one would you choose? While I reach most often for a ring sling, I'd have to say if I could only have one a Mei tai would have to be it! 

What are you jamming to these days? Depends on my mood anything from acoustic singer songwriter stuff to dancing around to Taylor Swift and disco while cooking! And course the ever present Disney tunes that are always being sung or played to entertain the kiddos! 

What's your favorite quote/mantra/inspiration? "Well that could've been worse" #parentingtoddlers 

What's next for you? I'm really enjoying the path that I'm on as an educator. I find great joy in speaking to families about their Babywearing needs. My next speaking topic to tackle is Babywearing as a family unit: if we're not all participating, what message are we sending? 

Anything else you want everyone know about you:  As much as own my role as a father, I'm still really just figuring it out as I go. 

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