When Team CBWS gets the opportunity to be together in person, it's always a welcome treat! MommyCon DC was a chance to not only be together as a team (minus Bianca, who was sorely missed), but also to spend a day with other members of this amazing industry. We were able to catch up with so many people and meet many others for the first time. A huge group of our graduates were present, including our recent additions from the Beco Team!

Amy, Katie, and I spent the day checking out the Babywearing exercise class (we hear we were on Periscope!), exploring the booths, and listening to some of the speakers.  If you were there, you may have noticed us sporting our great new #TeamCBWS shirts! 

We finished out the day with a wonderful graduate reunion, drinks, and food that lasted long into the evening. The room was filled with wonderful members of our graduate community taking advantage of being face-to-face! 


We had such an amazing day, and can't wait for more like this in the future!

-Joanna and Team CWBS