Meet our first #InstagramTakeOver CBWS graduate. 

GO BABY GO SHOP is a retail store located in San Antonio in Texas. 

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Please introduce yourself quick and your biz :)  

I'm Liz and I own Go Baby Go in San Antonio, Texas.  Priscilla is my go-to-gal & my social media goddess!  Together we bring babywearing, cloth diapers, lactation support and natural parenting to the masses.

Why did you start your business?

 I was a customer before I was the owner.  I loved everything about GBG because it helped make babywearing & cloth diapering more readily available. I'm so proud of how far we've come--I bought my business from Diane, who subsequently launched Beachfront Baby water carriers.  She started the business in 2007 to fill the babywearing and cloth diaper void in our city. We have introduced so many new products and small companies that we believe love and believe in.

What is the best part about being a babywearing consultant?

We love empowering moms through babywearing, no matter if it is their first or fourth kiddo.  Our CBWS training has given us the tools to do an even better job to better serve moms and their specific needs so that they can leave our shop fully prepared to wear their babies safely and securely. Seeing the look on a mama's face when she finds the carrier that works best is priceless!  

What is the babywearing scene like where you live?

We are blessed with an extremely active and loving babywearing community.  We have a great relationship with our local BWI chapter, and it makes it so comforting to send our customers out "into the wild" knowing there is a community out there to embrace their new journey. Many customers come in after stopping a babywearing stranger who says "I got it at Go Baby Go!" Seeing other babywearers around town instantly gives you something in common which often leads to a discussion about various carriers.

Where is the craziest place you ever baby wore?

College Football games, Spurs Championship Parade, Spurs Finals Championship game (where we won!),  Fiesta Texas, the San Antonio Riverwalk, airplanes, airports... - there are so many touristy spots in and around San Antonio we can't keep count!

Please share with our readers your best babywearing tip. 

Relax and listen to your instincts!  Sorting out all the options can be intimidating, but the important thing is to start with something that you are actually going to use and enjoy no matter what is trendy. If it's too complicated or sits in a basket at home it is not doing anyone any good.

What are you doing in a typical day as a babywearing consultant?

Our typical day is full-time retail contact with customers.  It allows us to see a broad spectrum of parents with every age and stage of baby.  We have a wide variety of carriers to show them so they can make the best choice for their family.  


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