After a busy week at the ILCA conference and our first Professional Development day, it was time to reconnect with my team! Since I was not far from Baltimore, Team CBWS was able to come together for an in person Team Day!

Team CBWS works primarily via remote communication. We connect by phone, text, email, and various internet platforms on a regular basis to keep things running smoothly. The downside to this is that we are at the mercy of varying schedules, time zones and travel. So when the opportunity arose for this work day, we were all excited! 

Katie, Amy and I gathered at Amy's home, where we Facetimed Bianca into the meeting! It was a wonderful change of pace from our normal long distance working relationship. We worked on pinning down procedures, reviewing what is and isn't working, and brainstormed about the BOND Conference. We even got a chance to try out some new carriers, grab lunch (and margaritas!) and I got to stop into a local babywearing business!

We're looking forward to another in person Team Day in the near future, as we continue to work towards making CBWS all it can be!