I hope you are are enjoying the wonderful Fall weather as much as I am here in NYC. This is a great time for getting out, walking around, and reconnecting with the city. I remember one of the first places I visited when my son was just a few weeks old, it was a specialty coffee and tea shop on the UWS called, The Sensuous Bean. I first discovered it over 20 years ago (it was well established even then) and it has been a favorite spot of mine ever since. It is always nice to pop into the shop pick up a new coffee, chat about different things, and then go on my way. Flash forward 20 years...

On my way home from the Upper Breast Side (a NY institution for breastfeeding moms where I help Bianca of Metro Minis when she offers clinic and drop-in hours) I visit my favorite coffee shop, browse the newest beans, and geek-out about the subtle variances in taste. Now at first glance it may seem that coffee and babywearing have little to do with each other...I believe coffee is always relevant...but just keep reading. I love helping new parents find the confidence to use the carrier they choose or discover a new one. It is always a distinct pleasure to connect one-to-one with new people and reconnect with returning friends. Friend, yes friend. I learn the most amazing things from the people I am helping on their journey, I do this by just being open and accepting them wherever they are in that particular moment.

I promised that coffee was relevant: The owner of the coffee shop remembers me when I stop in, yes it has been 20 years, but in reality there were times I didn't visit for years. He remembers me bringing my son to the shop years and years ago now, and helping me find a coffee that would work with my breastfeeding self. He recently told me he remembers because he found me to be so "calm, and 'with it' and thoughtful" (his words, aww) ... what I remember was being tired, feeling frumpy, and needing to feel normal in this new role of parenting. I remember him not judging me because I didn't want to give up coffee, but wanting to be mindful of what I was putting into my body. He just accepted me and then helped me find what I thought would be the best choice for me.

That owner helped me so much more than he knows of course, but that is it, isn't it? Unless we open ourselves up to the person we are communicating with then we can never know what they need. Just 'be with them', and listen, and then if you can provide assistance do it in a way that is pertinent to them and what they need. Can you think of a moment when you were looking or shopping for something where you really just needed someone to accept you and not 'convert' you? I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to reply to me, comment, or share with me. I will always read and respond to you. The

I hope you have a great day!