I had an amazing time at the 7th Annual National Kangaroo Care Certification Course.  It started with a really neat film fest.  We ate popcorn, drank soda’s and then watched some videos my husband is so happy he didn’t have to watch with me. :-)  Then we got up early the next 2 days and had breakfast and many wonderful lectures/presentations and the afternoons were about practical application.

I met so many women, and one guy, who are all interested in making Kangaroo Care a part of the everyday birthing, postpartum, and NICU experience for every family.  What a wonderful goal!  There were many nurses; NICU nurses, L&D nurses, postpartum nurses, and even an ICU nurse.  Plus on hand were also neonatalogists, home-health providers, community educators, lactation specialists, midwives, occupational therapists, vendors of kangaroo care wraps, and more.  We came from all over the USA, Canada, and the lone gentleman was from Japan.

KC DAY2.png

I had great dinners out with those I met too.  Wonderful real-life conversations that make 'connection' so powerful, with laughter and sharing.  Brief 'pauses' that allow for just being in the moment. I say thanks to you awesome women. :-)

I learned so much in such a short time.  It is meant that I would come home and begin to really process this information and then begin the process of dissemination. So that is what I am doing. :-)

KC conference pic.png

Two of my favorite bits of new information are the following:

  • According to Abouelfettoh et al 2011; KC brings cortisol levels down which increases immunity levels for mother and baby.

    I was randomly assigned to the ‘Immunity’ group, there may have been divine intervention in that selection.  However, this just so happens to be a favorite tid-bit of Dr Ludington’s as well and I was chosen by our group to present to the whole assembly.

  • According to Sher et al 2009; KC promotes brain development by providing low intensity stimulation to the following senses: Vestibular, Tactile, Olfactory, Auditory, and Proprioceptive.

    This is particularly interesting to me as brain development has been another personal interest for me.  I find that those who work in the baby wearing world see the same stimulation effects happening and hope that some one will start to do research in this area very soon. Dr Ludington states, “KC is the touch stimulation that the brainstem itself needs for it’s development.” Simply put.

There is so much more great stuff than just this of course, but I hope these two bits can make you smile about Kangaroo care.  I will be adding this new info to all my courses because it just blows my mind and as Rilke would say, "I Must" share this!

Here I am with Susie (Dr. Ludington), she has been a personal hero of mine since 2006 when I had my little preterm come craching into the world.  I am so happy to have met her and spent the weekend learning from her!  Don't ask...she is not my mom, although I agree she does look like she could be. :-)

Me and Susie.jpg

Thanks for reading!  Joanna