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We are very happy to announce our newest class will be in Columbus, Ohio!

Hosted by Sprout Soup,  this class is unique in that it's a Retailer-only class.  Meaning, only retailers and their employees are invited to attend. Why? Well retailing of baby carriers requires unique demands on a business and getting a group of retail business owners together allows for open discussion and problem solving...among many many other things.  The selling of a baby carrier in the retail location, while similar to one-to-one consulting in some ways, is really a different process with different expectations from the consumer and the business. This class will address those unique elements and will be long, hard, fast, and furious so that everyone may rush back to their businesses:-)

I want to give a Big Thanks to Alissa of Sprout Soup for organizing this training! Without her we would still be talking about this great idea.  For more information please contact us or Alisssa directly.

When: August 11-13th, 2013

Where: 3286 N High Street

Columbus, OH 43202