In all my years in NYC it is hard to believe I have never visited Bayridge.  It is a fantastic neighborhood, so many great shops and eateries.  It is a completly vibrant NY neighborhood.  I made sure to confirm with a few local ladies about where to get the best pizza, (see below for a local favorite).  As it turns out it was a favorite of Sara (of Allentown's Ju-Ju Monkey) and mine too.  Although for those people from Astoria....I am not sure it beats Rizzo's.

April Class montage.jpg

It's true, we had a great time together;  learning, sharing, and bonding.  The new store was coming along nicely throughout the week.  It got a sign and a new door while we were there.  Loads of inventory was pouring in the doorway and frequently a local was trying to see if they were open.

As you can see we were up and involved a lot and we were all tired at the end of each day.  No one complained though.  Please stop by and check out their store, keep an eye out for their grand opening on May 11th...just in time for Mother's Day!

bayridge local flavor.jpg

The awesome local pizza can be found at Nino's on 3rd Ave and 91st street ... just right down the block from Baby/Mama.  The cute onsie can be had at a very packed card shop that just so happens to be on the way to the pizza joint.  It seems like the neighborhood is truly ready for a new baby store that has an excellent staff to help in all their babywearing needs.