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Here is a snapshot of the first part of my training. I am so lucky to be in this beautiful place again! Haus Hoheneichen, truly one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. There just couldn't be a better place to host a class in Dresden. I didn't stay at the monestary this time, but where I did stay gave Haus Hoheneichen a run for best overall. You can see a few pictures below of where I did stay, Villa Johanna! That is not a joke. That really is it's name. By the way the second picture was my 'commute' to Ulrike's... poor me. I digress. The training was full and during the days I had lots of time to observe, question, and be involved. My nights  were spent brainstorming with Ulrike and enjoying her family. They made certain I didn't get homesick!

training prt 2.jpg

After the practical experience we moved into more in-depth and very personal training. This way I could begin the arduous task of creating my own curriculum and classes specific to my market. We had so many good conversations and lessons that I am very glad I have lots of notes. I went along with Ulrike on many of her daily activities so I had the pleasure of seeing more of Dresden than I ever could have on my own. Near the end of my two weeks I was even able to squeeze in a little good old fashioned sightseeing. I also had a New York worthy dinner with my dear friends Kathrin and Johannes at Scheune Kulturzentrum. Simply fantastic trip...I was happy to see NYC again though:-)