’s a wrap...well it’s over anyway.

I’m back from ABC and still recovering!  I met with every baby carrier company I could find and a few non-carrier ones too.  I visited many of the companies, and the people, I developed friendships with over my years with Metro Minis.  It was great to catch up with how everyone is doing, like mini reunions.

Anyone who was looking closely at the carrier niche market probably noticed there were some new trends, which is always fun, especially when it’s on the early side of trends.  Big trends: the new ‘forward-facing-out seated position’ carriers, the ‘preemie-wear’ market, the ‘travel-lightly’ market or maybe better called the ‘lightweight, take it with you carrier’, the revival of lightly padded ring slings/pouches, and the ‘hybrid creations’.  All this innovation is fantastic!   It shows renewed interest and trust in babycarriers as a product and highlights the increasing awareness of new parents about the need for baby carriers.  All of this is good news.  We love our options and this year we will have a few more.


Now, what else did I do at this big trade-show?

I went to the ABC big ‘food and drink’ event, see the pic... for the life of me I can’t remember the band’s name, sorry.  I mostly didn’t listen to them but went restaurant to restaurant hanging with and meeting all kinds of fun people.  If you have good eyes you will see that it is Michaela, Cat Bird Baby CS, who is about to walk into Makers Mark restaurant.  I snapped that picture so we could share with her hubby. :-)

As a board member of the BCIA I of course attended our fantastic annual meeting.  I am glad I had the great honor of speaking briefly with Anne Northrup again.  She was nice enough to share her thoughts on long term strategies regarding our industry-relationship with the CPSC.  I am truly grateful.


I felt like the meeting was fun and a success.  I met new people, spoke to old friends, made acquaintances into friends, and held a few babies too.  Not sure you can see, but that is Kristi, of Wrapsody, at the end of a very long day.  Doesn’t she looking stunning carrying a baby and a day’s worth of trade-show booty?  She had a little moment to sit down during the dinner, but then was up and talking and nursing and changing many people in the room of course, but I managed to snap a picture of her with that fab smile.

Ok...that’s all folks.