Fall Online Training is almost full!

Hello everyone! We currently registering for FALL 2019 training and the seats are almost filled.

Mandatory Live Session October 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6 and 13. 

Live Sessions are about 3 hours each. There will be homework and recorded videos to watch during the week so you are prepared for the live classes and actively engage in the conversation and techniques.

You will also receive a private mentor session and you will need to set aside an extra two hours for testing. You will sign up for those time slots during the live training. We also offer monthly office hours that you can join as soon as you sign up for the training.

If you have any question please reach out info@cbws.org or use the online contact form.

Coffee with Joanna ☕️ Guest: Ashley Collins from Emerald Doulas

Emerald Doulas provides comprehensive support for growing families from pregnancy to beyond birth with doula services, community groups, education and classes, infant feeding services and more. Families grow their confidence and their community as they prepare to welcome a new baby with our professional, personal support by their side. 

Visit www.emeralddoulas.com

The Birthful Podcast: Babywearing with Joanna

Joanna was a guest on the amazing Birthful Podcast. Join Adriana Lozada and Joanna to talk everything Babywearing. 

babywearing with Joanna .png

What we talked about:

  • Benefits of babywearing for parents and for baby
  • Can you wear your baby too much?
  • How is babywearing like going to the gym?
  • The different style of carriers and wraps
  • Are there some carriers that work better for some stages than others?
  • Why what you plan on doing while babywearing matters
  • When’s the best time to try out and select a carrier (or two, or 10)?
  • Babywearing safety
  • With so many choices (and prices), how do you know which carrier is right for you and your baby?
  • Busting some babywearing myths

Coffee with Joanna ☕️ Guest: Laura Brown

Coffee with Joanna_ Laura Brown.png
Laura Brown.png

Based in Los Angeles, babywearing has been a passion of Laura's for almost ten years. She started a babywearing non profit group in 2010 and has been working professionally as an consultant since. In order to provide a holistic approach, she completed postpartum doula training, and just finished the IBCLC course. She is famous for her love of coffee, Disneyland and is a Mom to 4.


Father's Day Feature: Eric Peterson - Joanna's hubby!!!

How or why did you get into Babywearing?  I got into baby wearing out of pure jealousy, I saw my wife having so much fun, I couldn’t wait to do it. There was also a level of necessity that played a role as well.  I will have to say that I didn’t get as into it as much as she did.  I kept to a very select few carrier.  Mostly Pouches, SSC, and Mei Dais. Occasionally a ring sling. I only had 4 of my very own carriers.

I am sure you have some awesome stories being married to a Babywearing Educator. Do you have a funny story to tell us? Joanna always packs everything for us and there was one trip where I forgot to put the carrier bag into the rental car. This meant we only had the carrier she used to get to the car, a ring sling, for an entire trip. Think about it; one carrier two kids, two adults. Lucky our son was fine with walking!  Needless to say, I still get needled about that slip-up! 

If you could only own ONE carrier which one would you choose? If I had to own only one carrier, it would be a Mei Dai.

What are you jamming to these days? These days it's The Clash on any given day.  I vacillate between them and The Who.

What’s your favorite quote/mantra/inspiration? "Try? NO…do or do not, there is no try.” Yoda

What’s next for you? Well, I have my last two semesters of Nursing school left then I plan to go and begin my slow takeover of the healthcare industry.

Anything else you want everyone know about you: Not much to me really, just a simple guy trying to raise my family to be a positive force for the future.  I kind of see that as my job now, to treat this moment as humanistically as I can, while teaching my children that the future will rely on them to do the same.

Father's Day Feature: Pete Tien

Hey everyone!  For Father's Day we thought we would go behind the scene and introduce you some amazing men from #teamCBWS

First up Pete Tien, Julianne's hubby

Kid age and name Hunter 3.5

Where do you live? Astoria, QUEENS!!!

How or why did you get into Babywearing? My wife introduced it to our family. 

What is/was your favorite thing about wearing your child? Initially I was a little hesitant, but once my wife helped me wrap my son the 1st time I was hooked. As a new dad, I had less interaction with my newborn than my wife did. I felt slightly envious of the bonds that were happening between my wife and son and I wanted to be a part of it. Babywearing did that for me. I felt like I was able to create a bond with my beautiful son. I also felt kind of badass walking down the street wearing my son.

If you could only own one carrier which one would you choose? Mei Dai

What are you jamming to these days? Kendrick Lamar - Damn 

What's your favorite quote/mantra/inspiration? Each one of us has lived through some devastation, some loneliness, some weather super-storm or spiritual super-storm, when we look at each other we must say, I understand. I understand how you feel because I have been there myself. We must support each other and empathize with each other because each of us is more alike than we are unalike."  Maya Angelou

What are you plans for Father's Day? Family Trip to Cuba!!!!

Where in the world is Joanna? (May Edition)

How is your Spring coming along? Are you nailing down any Spring or Summer vacation plans? Will you be traveling? Joanna certainly will.

Just where will this month take our intrepid Joanna? This May will be a special month for our traveling team leader. She'll be visiting Austin early on to celebrate the friendships that babywearing built.  She and several close friends, many of whom are grads, will be reconnecting and creating memories while reveling in past ones. There'll beamazing barbecue, warm weather and Southern hospitality to enjoy while she's in Austin. Don't forget to bring us back some Torchy's Tacos!

When she returns to New York Joanna will be teaching Foundations right here in our hometown! While she's local we'll also be organizing a fun graduate and local community meet and greet in Queens. We will be joined by grad Hedwych from Wrap You in Love as well as local babywearing coat manufacturer and all around lovely Mama, Kat from Tasku Babi. If you're local to the Tri-State area we would love to see your beautiful faces and hope you bring your friends and family! We can't wait to see you all! RSVP on Facebook 

After our fun event here athome Joanna will be off again, this time headed to St. Louis, MO to check out the Gateway Arch and teach Foundations at Cotton Babies! 


Graduate Highlight: Casey Dynakowski

When/Where did you take Foundations? March 2016/Philadelphia, PA

Business name Wearing Every Baby

Are you on social media? Instagram: @wearingeverybaby

If someone random came up to you on the street and asked you "what do you do?" What would you tell them? I work at Cloth in South Philadelphia. I assist families with all things babywearing, cloth diapering, and breastfeeding.

What makes what you do/your business unique? I feel like my empathy and understanding makes me unique. I struggled with postpartum depression with my first child and because of that I feel like I have a very empathetic approach to teaching which includes a lot of listening and practicing patience.

What does a "day in the life of" look like for you? My favorite days are those when I feel I have made a real difference for a family. They come to me stressed, desperate, and looking for a break. They may try a few different carriers before they find the right fit. Then they leave confident, comfortable, and cuddly.

How did the CBWS training(s) play a role in your day-to-day "work"? I think my training has had the biggest impact on my listening skills. It has taught me to truly listen without needing to relate it to myself or my experiences.

Any thoughts/inputs you want to share about how you balance your "work like" with your "real life"? I feel blessed that I am so passionate about my work that most of the time it doesn't even feel like work. I feel empowered to do more and look forward to taking the next step.

What is one piece of advice you wish you could share with "pre-CBWS self?" Before my training I felt very ashamed of my struggle with postpartum depression. I never talked about it and just thinking about that time in my life made me cringe. Since my training, I have been able to move forward and felt empowered to use my experience to help others. Babywearing played a huge role in my recovery and that's the main reason I decided to become an educator.

Meet Amber and Meeshi from Groovaroo!

We are super excited to introduce you to Amber and Meeshi Anjali! Amber is a CBWS Graduate and her husband Meeshi is a dance instructor. Together they've created the concept of Groovaroo which has propelled dancing while babywearing into the mainstream and has sparked a viral sensation. 

Amber and Meeshy from  Groovaroo

Amber and Meeshy from Groovaroo

How did you get into R&B/Soul Line Dancing? What has your experience been like?

Meeshi first discovered R&B/Soul Line Dancing when a friend of his shared a line dance on his Facebook page in the summer of 2012. While he was already familiar with the three most popular line dances (Cupid Shuffle, Wobble and Electric Slide), he had no idea of the breadth and popularity of R&B/Soul Line Dancing in African American communities. Already a student and teacher of multicultural dancing for 20 years, Meeshi felt particularly drawn to this style of dancing for three reasons: 1) he loved how the structure of the dance perfectly fit the structure of the music, 2) he loved how playful, interactive and improvisational everyone was with the music and with each other, and 3) he loved how accessible and inclusive it was people of all ages and levels. Pure beginners danced side by side with advanced dancers sharing the floor as equals.

Primarily self-taught, Meeshi was able to teach himself to line dance by watching YouTube videos from Tamika Shipman of the Parkside Experience in Philadelphia. He then started attending line dance events locally in San Diego and across the country. He was excited about how welcoming everyone in the line dance community was to him, and in fact, they felt more open to him than almost any of the other cultural dance styles he had been training in over the past 20 years. He has been teaching R&B/Soul Line Dancing in San Diego since 2013 and has been fortunate enough to teach at national line dance events in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Who were your teachers?

As mentioned above, Meeshi was mostly self-taught using the Parkside Experience YouTube videos. These videos were a weekly line dance event in Philadelphia where Tamika Shipman filmed the dance instruction prior to the social dancing. The primary Parkside teachers are Chris Blues and Hassan Abdul-Rahim. He was also greatly inspired and influenced by four other Philly-style line dance teachers: Bernadette Burnette, Ray Boyd, Kenny Johnson and Ed Williams. Locally he has learned from SoCal teachers Patricia Murray, Ed Griffith, Jackie Rice and Youshia Berry.

How did you come up with the idea for a babywearing dance class? What was your experience with babywearing prior to the class?

Amber was introduced to babywearing through a family that she used to nanny for. She realized how much it helped to comfort the baby especially when going for walks. She saw a video of two people babywearing and dancing salsa in Spain and thought that babywearing and soul line dancing would fit perfectly together because most of the movements start with a gentle rocking of your hips, just as you would rock your hips to soothe your baby. 

What do you hope parents and families will get from taking this class? 

Our hope is that parents will discover that GroovaRoo Dance is not an exercise class to workout with your baby, but a movement class for new parents to feel good in their bodies again, bond with their baby and other families, and find the support of a like-minded community of parents going through the same challenges and triumphs. In cultures all over the world dance is an integral part of family life, however in America, dance is frequently viewed a performance art that is to be enjoyed but not participated in. When parents are attending a children's dance class they often feel compelled to watch rather than join in the fun. Dance should be an interactive social activity for the whole family/village to do together. Dancing with your baby is just the beginning of our larger cultural mission of normalize family dancing in America. Let's dance for LOVE!

Have you gotten any one thing out of teaching this kind of class that surprised you or was different from your expectations?

When we first started our classes we chose songs that seemed more "child-oriented" but over time we realized moms really wanted to dance to familiar pop music. They wanted to dance the way they'd enjoyed dancing in the clubs prior to baby. We subsequently have been labelled as the "Dirty Dancing" of babywearing dance. Along with bonding with their babies and other women, moms feel empowered to get their "sexy back" in our classes.

Filming the NBC Nightly News Report

Filming the NBC Nightly News Report

Wear oh wear did the time go?

I just wrapped up my fourth trip to Chicago for the WEAR Conference and Mommycon. What a wonderful time! I find it refreshing to be in the same space year after year. That may sound strange but honestly, I like knowing where things are and how to get around. Because of my teaching schedule this is a rare and nice feeling. 

Over the last four years, I have attended many MommyCons and I find them a great way to connect with people making their way through the early years of raising a child. The attendees are engaged and interested and for me, as an educator, it is a dream to have such a captive audience.

This year between the Wear Conference and MommyCon running concurrently the audience had a good mix and balance. I felt like I got to exercise my own "educator bones." I also learned from others in sessions that were fun and functional,  through stories panelists shared, and from those who attended my sessions. Of course I also learned tons from the folks I helped.

During my sessions on toddler-wearing I had an outstanding crew join me while I taught over 50 people (maybe 75 if you include the many toddlers). Six of our educators generously volunteered their time to assist in the session. They helped by demonstration but also by assisting those who wanted to try different options or tweak their carriers for comfort. It was a robust and fun session. (If only I had a picture!)

I had a lovely impromptu teaching encounter in the Babywearing lounge while I was grabbing some carriers for the Toddler session.  A woman walked by several times (obviously wanting help but maybe not comfortable enough to ask). Eventually she saw me piling up the carriers, figuring that I was working in the lounge; she asked me if I would help her.  Of course I didn't have the heart to say no and in the end she got her darling on her back and we were both fulfilled by our exchange.

I met many new people and had a chance to reconnect with so many friends (and still somehow managed to miss just as many as I saw). There's just never enough quality time to do everything and of course I didn't take enough pictures! (I never do.)  

  • We had a graduate reunion which spread out throughout the restaurant. There were over 50 graduates present at the reunion! 
  • There was a party hosted by Abby's Lane, it was loud but fun to connect to people.
  • BabyTula's newest carrier, Free to Grow, was released at their launch party, which was also loud, but simply lovely.
  • There was an awards luncheon.
  • There were a few new carriers announced to arrive in April: 
    • the Babylonia Flex 
    • and Beachfront Baby's newest line of carriers as well. 
  • I must thank my friend and host, Beth Leistensnider of Catbird Baby, for giving me a place to rest my head and for shuttling me to and from the airport! 


Though I didn't see everything or everyone I'd hoped to, I still left feeling really connected. Thanks to Xza, the MommyCon Team, and all the attendees for making this a wonderful weekend!


Off to Calgary!


Joanna :)


Here are a few pictures - thank you to everyone who shared. If you click on the picture it will enlarge. 

WEAR Sessions approved for CEUs

The following WEAR sessions have been approved for CBWS continuing education units:

• The Still-Face Paradigm - 1 CEU

• Babywearing and PTSD: When the Parent Comes Home - 1 CEU

• Public Health Outreach for Baby Carrier Educators - 1 CEU

• Let’s Grow Your Passion into Your Profession - 1 CEU

• Babywearing as an Aid to Bonding and Attachment in Non-Traditional Families/ Non-Gestational Parents - 1 CEU

• Priming Parents for Proximity - 1 CEU

• Beyond the Sacred Hour: Why We Should Talk About KC as Continued Care -


• Babywearing and Liability Law - 1 CEU

Graduate Stories: Austin Rees

Graduate Stories: Austin Rees


When and Where did you take CBWS trainings? 

Oct 2013 Foundations in Bethesda, MD and Oct 2015 Progressions in Baltimore, MD

Business name:

I'm the owner of Breast+Skin+Sling and co-founder of Sacred Milk  

What kind of work do you do?

  • Through Breast+Skin+Sling I prepare mothers, prenatally, with the foundations of Breastfeeding, Skin-to-Skin and Babywearing through the following options:
  • Private, customized in-person, or virtual prenatal consults
  • A four week Breast+Skin+Sling class series
  • A dynamic weekend Sacred Pregnancy + Sacred Milk retreat Through Sacred Milk. My partner, Sara Goff, and I create programs that inspire instinctual wisdom for mothers as they embark on their Milk Journey. We also share the Sacred Milk program with Sacred Pregnancy Instructors and Sacred Doulas at live retreats.


What makes your job or your business unique? 

I combine my background as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with Babywearing. I uniquely offer cutting edge information, along with in-person sisterhood, creative expression, and honoring within the classes/retreats I facilitate. Mothers gain the information on how to initiate their Milk journey, but also gain a circle of local support made up of peers and professionals. With this knowledge I have witnessed mothers step into motherhood trusting their bodies, their babies, and their Milk. Through classes or consultations mothers discover their innate instincts and wisdom so they enter their unique Milk relationship secure, confident, supported, and connected to their baby.


What does a "day in the life of" look like for you? What's a "good" day of work?

In my businesses I typically spend each day responding to emails in reference to an upcoming retreat or I communicate with businesses from whom we purchase products for our gift bags. I scan for articles to share on our social media or work on a Milk Monday post by searching for the perfect photo to complement the clip of information we have written for Sacred Milk. When I have a prenatal consultation I pack in the morning, making sure I add in my kit at least two of each type of carrier and two demo dolls. I review the pre-consultation form the client has completed beforehand and make sure I bring books and handouts to meet their needs. Then I pack up their unique client gift. Examples of gifts I have shared in the past were a pair of BabyLegs, a sculpture that represents motherhood and the Sacred Pregnancy or Sacred Motherhood book. When I arrive at someone's home I set up the space for the consultation and "catch up" with the client. I begin with teaching them how milk works and the impact birth and postpartum procedures have on milk. We move into skin-to-skin contact and the expectations of a newborn. Together we begin to create a core support team full of local peers and professionals. We end the consultation with a babywearing demonstration and practice. I enjoy meeting couples or families in their home because the space represents them. I am invited into their sacred space and share tools they can use in their space. We discuss where Mom will spend most of her day when baby is born and adapt that area to meet her needs. Many mothers have appointments late in pregnancy outside of the home so this is an opportunity for them to not have to leave their house but still meet their needs and prepare for their milk and babywearing journey.


How did the CBWS training(s) play a role in your day-to-day work? 

I learned more than just a set of technical skills in my CBWS trainings. Not only did we become proficient on carriers and carrying techniques, CBWS taught communication comprehension, which included positive and neutral language. We practiced how to empty ourselves and remove our convictions and meet clients where they are in the moment. These courses gave me the tools to create an individual outline for me. I can take each lesson and adapt it to be the most beneficial for my client.


Any thoughts/input you want to share about how you balance your "work life" with your "real life"?

I am a mother to four children ages 13, 11, 9, and 3. When I first started Sacred Milk I was homeschooling my older children. My Sacred Milk business partner is a homeschooling mother to six children and lives in another state. Together we must balance creating our program along with meeting the needs of 10 children. I created Breast+Skin+Sling after I moved to Baltimore, MD. Living in a new city and starting a new business presented challenges. Thank goodness I met a magnificent massage therapist in the area at a Sacred Pregnancy retreat earlier in the year. She introduced me to a tightly-knit and supportive birth community. I began to attend Birth Circles, and created a mastermind group of different professionals in the birth community. We met monthly for peer support, accountability, and business brainstorming.  


What is one piece of advice you wish you could share with your "pre-CBWS" self? 

When I registered for the Foundations course my husband was in the middle of retiring from the Army and interviewing for a new career. The government shutdown was looming and we had no extra funds. I was also in my third trimester of pregnancy and was feeling poorly. I reached out to everyone I knew to help support me financially to attend. Months later I was able to repay them. I was determined to take advantage of this course that was only about an hour away. I was stressed about finding the funds for the course along with feeling crummy due to my pregnancy. Thankfully, it worked out! Through this course I created some fabulous friendships and people I can network with in Virginia and Maryland.  

Connect with Austin on Social Media

Facebook Breast Skin Sling ❤︎ Instagram Breast Skin Sling ❤︎ Facebook Sacred Milk ❤︎ Instagram Sacred Milk 

#teamCBWS - Julianne

Favorite color:  Green


TV Shows I'm watching:  West World, Desus and Mero, Project Runway


Last book read: Dan Brown, Inferno 


Favorite Superhero: Spider Man


Which Harry Potter character are you?  According to Buzzfeed, I'm Harry Potter. According to me, I'm more Ron Weasley. :)


What music are you listening to now? Kate Bush mix, 90s Hip Hop, Christmas carols


What did I want to be: An obstetrician or a teacher


You may not know- That dessert is my favorite thing and when I went out to restaurants as a kid I used to choose my dinner based on what my dessert would be. 

5 Reasons why you should hire a Babywearing Educator

5 Reasons why you should hire a Babywearing Educator


1. Personalized instructions tailored to your needs

Buying a carrier is a such a personal choice. Why shouldn't you learn in a way that's unique to you? Hiring a babywearing educator ensures that you'll receive one on one instructions catered to you and your choice of carrier. You'll learn how to use the carrier at your own pace, gaining confidence in the process.

2. Hands on help

Having hands on help means having someone to guide you every step of the way. You'll learn to use your baby carrier correctly by watching and doing. You'll also be lucky enough to learn through correction which only a personalized visit can offer you.

3. Build confidence

With guided help you'll learn to make your carrier work for you. There will be no need to second guess yourself because you've been properly educated from the start. You can begin to wear your baby immediately, confidently and securely. 

4. Increase skills

As your confidence builds you'll soon realize that you're learning an entirely new set of parenting skills. Having this knowledge is exciting and empowering!

5. Learn in the comfort of your home

There's no need to fix your hair or hide your tired eyes! You're a new parent with lots on your plate so let the babywearing educator come to you! Hiring a babywearing consultant to come to your home and help you out is an irregular comfort in the early weeks of new parenthood. So stay home and keep those PJs on!


So now you know some of the reasons why you should hire a babywearing educator but you might be wondering how to go about doing that. Luckily, you're in the right place. Please visit our Consultant Finder to find an educator in your neck of the woods.


If you have any questions or you need some more help, send us an email at: info@centerforbabywearingstudies.com