I want everyone to carry their babies. I want them to love it, find it simple and enjoyable. I want to help make that happen for our communities.
— Joanna McNeilly, President and Founder

About the Center for Babywearing Studies:

Working together, strengthening each other.

Working together, strengthening each other.

I see a future where every town and neighborhood has certified babywearing consultants, and they are in demand.  I want to help you be a thriving part of that growing community.

I started this company because I want everyone who is interested in sharing their passions about babywearing to have the best possible ability to pursue that dream. 

Helping new families, caregivers and providers find the 'ah-ha' moment with regards to carrying their child is a wonderful feeling and one that offers many personal rewards.  Working with one family at a time is a powerful way to impact the families in your community.  Bringing families together to share and learn from each other further builds acceptance and helps normalize the practice of babywearing making you an integral part of the early parenting network in your community.

Finding a way to pursue your path in this new industry can be overwhelming or seem impossible.  I am here to help.  I have created a curriculum to simplify the process and help open you to new or growing possibilities.  Whether you own a retail shop, run a local group, work in the prenatal or postnatal community adding this curriculum to your practice will help you to simplify the process for you and your clients.  Our network of consultants learn from, build on, and strengthen each other on a daily basis.  I would like you to consider joining our network.  Until then, I hope you will sign up for our email list.

About Joanna McNeilly 

Joanna first conceived of the idea to start a babywearing consultant training program in 2009, while working day in and day out doing personal consultations.  She recognized that each person was an individual with their own personal needs that had to be addressed.  There was no cookie-cutter recipe that fit all people or families.  She decided then to create a curriculum that addressed the unique needs of North American market.  A curriculum that respects the heritage and multiple cultural influences that are specific to North America.  So that is what she has done.

  • Joanna started her babywearing adventure like so many others...in a babywearing group and was grateful for the leader's dedication and volunteer work.  She decided to become a leader herself.
  • Joanna worked for years in NYC's leading Babywearing store, the first of it's kind for NY.  She was there daily doing free classes and consultations.
  • Joanna studied with the well-renowned Die Trageschule Dresden, a German babywearing school that has been around for almost 20 years.
  • Joanna saw through that training that her vision of babywearing consultants working all across North America was absolutely possible.
  • Joanna realized that in order to be fully dedicated and focused on education she would need to leave the world of sales.  So with a heavy heart, but hopeful soul she broke away from retail to focus entirely on education.
  • Joanna pours all she knows about people, about babywearing, and even about selling into creating a fun, interactive, and professional curriculum.  One that is versatile enough to work for absolute beginners and seasoned professionals as well.
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About our Team

Meet our Educators

This is our ever-growing group of certified professional babywearing educators.  We love every one of them and believe you will too!

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