This is an opportunity for me to better understand your unique business, your goals, and how I can best help you.  Please take you time and provide me with as much detail as you are comfortable.  I will never share this information, ever. 

I look forward to working together!

Thanks, Joanna

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Describe how your customers currently learn to use you carrier(s).
When you get requests for help In terms of finding a solution to their carrier troubles, how do you currently handle this process? How does the decision process happen for the customer, in terms of deciding to keep the carrier (or choose it, if this is during a sale.)? What role do you or your staff play in the decision?
What are your current methods of spreading babywearing safety and education messages to your group, meetings, clients, or community?
What do you believe are the safety concerns around babywearing?
To be fair I will share too: I am notorious for not being able to use a cliche, or tell a joke! I always get them wrong, but for whatever reason I still use them! My dearest friends refer to them as 'Joanna-isms.'