At CBWS we recognize that creating a new business is about more than just being a capable educator. Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. Using the support of the graduate community, and the facilitation of CBWS President and Founder Joanna McNeilly we are proud to introduce a new initiative for graduates, the CBWS Biz Squad. 

The CBWS Biz Squad will feature a series of 12 business building calls.

Ready to get your business started? Perhaps you're struggling to get things going? Perfect for anyone starting from scratch, ready to go back to basics, or just get a fresh perspective! These calls will not only utilize Joanna's diverse background, we will also welcome guest speakers and YOUR unique view! 

The details:

Each call will delve into a different topic important to our industry. At the start of each session, Joanna will take 15 minutes or so to frame the topic of the month and offer some thoughts on it. Then, we will jump right into your questions! We will ask our fellows to offer short contributions to the conversation so that we can benefit from a larger perspective. Then, Joanna will introduce our action items to discuss and work on over the following weeks. 

The Biz Squad will use a private Facebook group to help get your questions prepped and keep calls running smoothly. After each call the conversation will move to the group and where we anticipate a lively discussion.

The CBWS Biz Squad calls can be joined individually for $20, or purchase the full year of calls for $120. Each call will be recorded, so that if you are unavailable or want to revisit the information you can do so at any time.