Retailers & Manufacturers

We have unparalleled insight into the specific needs of Retailers and Manufacturers as we have been there. We have been in the retail business, and specifically the baby carrier retail business.

We have worked hard to create a class customized and targeted for both Retailers and Manufacturers.  While there are similarities between one-to-one consultations and direct sales there are also very big differences. With focus on these differences this class will provide you and your employees with the ability to connect faster, deeper, and gain the trust of your customers.

Important to long term customer loyalty and support is the ability to listen and then offer targeted instruction for overall excellence in customer interaction.

Doing one on one consultations in someone’s home is very different than the customer who walks in and expects the information to be accurate, timely, unbiased, consistent, and immediate. 

This class will help you to provide your customers with a great base of instruction and provide consistency across your staff.

Come to one of our  trainings or contact us to find out more about bringing the training to you!